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Battlefield Tops

Star Nebula Koma

Star Nebula Koma

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Introducing the Star Nebula Koma Top:

Given to Yuichi by his grandfather to train with to unlock his true power. Star Nebula evolves once Yuchi's souls connects with it.

Made of Zinc Alloy, this spinning powerhouse crushes opponents and beats Beyblades in battles.

Its precision engineered design and versatile compatibility makes it the ultimate choice for serious enthusiasts.

Don't settle for second best - dominate the competition with the Star Nebula Koma top!


Star Nebula VS Diablo Nemasis 

Koma Specs:

Generation: First Gen

Type: Attack Type

Weight: 73 Grams

Release Year: 2023

What You Get:

Stem: Standard Launch Stem

Spin Disk: Star 

Base: 13.5mm Attack

Launcher: String Stick Launcher

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